About the meeting

This meeting will be held on December 2022 by the Petanux GmbH (PTX).

The Summary of the Meeting

The transnational meeting for the SkoPS project took place in Bonn at Petanux GmbH on the 5th and 6th of December. The purpose of the meeting was to bring together partners from across the project to discuss a quality structure for the course materials and review the prepared courses. The courses were an integral part of the SkoPS project, and the meeting gave the partners an opportunity to ensure that the course materials were of the highest quality and aligned with the project’s goals.

During the meeting, EILD invited Christina Liaska from Greece to speak on Industrial or Professional Dissemination. Ms. Liaska is a renowned expert in her field, and her presentation was extremely informative and perceptive. Her speech was well received by the partners, who were eager to gain insight from her experience and expertise.

In addition, two presentations were given at the meeting, one by PTX on the project sustainability plan process and the other by USI on the project management report. The status and future course of the SkoPS project were discussed in detail during these presentations. PTX discussed the steps they had taken to ensure the project’s sustainability and the measures they had implemented to ensure its ongoing success. USI, on the other hand, provided a comprehensive update on the project management, including current progress, obstacles encountered, and future implementation plans.

For Conclusion, the transnational meeting for the SkoPS project was productive and fruitful. The partners were able to collaborate effectively, evaluate the courses, and make significant progress toward their goals. The presentations and speech provided invaluable insights and information that will guide the project’s future direction. The meeting illustrated the partners’ dedication to the success of the SkoPS project and their determination to produce high-quality course materials.