Empowering the European Workforce Development through Online/Virtual Skills Training for Digital Transformation towards Mitigating the Impact of Pandemic Situations (SkoPS)

According to the survey of World Economic Forum , the Digital Transformation, especially in Industry (Industry IoT / IIoT), is one of the top technological drivers of change for the future of jobs, employment, skills, and workforce strategy in the 4th Industrial Revolution. On one hand, the preparation of the European workforce for such an enormous diversity of skills in the field of digital transformation requires the support of the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) towards integrating IIoT skills. On the other hand, the pandemic situations negatively affect the quality of the support of HEIs in this respect and force the HEIs to limit their face-to-face activities and a sudden shift to online and distance learning as a result. 

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Project Progress and Outputs

Intellectual Output 1: Fundamental Machine Learning
Intellectual Output 2: Big Data Management
Intellectual Output 3: Engineering, Digitalization and Applications
Intellectual Output 4: Smart Cities and IoT
Intellectual Output 5: Python Programming for Iot and Data Science
Intellectual Output 6: Cyberphysical Real-Time Systems
Intellectual Output 7: Dependability and Safety
Intellectual Output 8: Wireless Sensor Networks
Intellectual Output 9: Training the Trainers
Intellectual Output 10: Training the Trainees


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