Course Description

In pandemic conditions involving extensive use of online and virtual education systems, it is usually necessary to keep all participants and trainees engaged during the online training phase in order to achieve maximum performance for the training outcomes. This includes not only technical concerns and training module topic subjects, but also psychological, pedagogical, and didactic factors. In this regard, it is important to equip trainees with recommendations so that they are well-informed about tactics and strategies for making the most of online and digital education systems. The primary purpose of this course is to examine and assess the benefits and drawbacks of online and virtual education systems, as well as to give trainees with recommendations and instructions on how to effectively and realistically profit from such systems. The final product of this course should be a guidebook that each participant may use to improve their online training experience after completing this module. They will also receive basic training on how to create their assignments, presentations, and seminars for online learning platforms.

Course Resources