About the meeting

This meeting will be held on February 2023 by the EYROPAIKO INSTITOYTO TOPIKHS ANAPTYKSHS (EILD).




The meeting focused on project dissemination plans and reviewing project deliverables. Partners discussed course development, reviews, resource allocation, and Moodle pages. Deadlines were set for uploading files, editing courses, and adding resources. The review process was divided into internal and external reviews, with deadlines and templates provided.

Other topics included creating a YouTube channel for the project, checking for plagiarism, providing keywords for search engine optimization, and checking the number of slides in course development tables. The project closure and final report meeting were planned, with timesheets and reports due at various deadlines.

Dissemination activities and press releases were addressed, as well as updating the project website with events, reports, and quality deliverables. The final project quality report, questionnaires, and sustainability plan were also discussed, with deadlines and responsibilities assigned to various partners.