About the meeting

The first physical  meeting in June 2022. This meeting was hosted by Alicante university (UA).



Last Thursday 2nd June 2022 the first face-to-face meeting of the Skops project took place in Alicante (Spain). This meeting was attended by members of the four institutions involved (USI, Petanux, EILD and UA), and both general and specific aspects of the project were discussed, and the good progress of the project was confirmed. 
Of particular interest were the presentations of all partners concerning the intellectual outputs of the projects. Each partner presented the detailed structure and contents of the courses they were responsible for, while the other partners discussed the meeting points and possible overlapping of contents with respect to the other modules. 
Another aspect on which progress was made was the dissemination plan. After the meeting, all partners have started to compile the list of companies that could have a potential interest in the results of the project, in order to start contacts with a view to making them future sponsors of the project. In addition, contacts have already been initiated to draw up the list of external reviewers for the project. 
In addition to the demanding work agenda, the partners had the opportunity to visit some of the emblematic places of Alicante, and to taste its magnificent turrones.